Heart of Dance

Heart of Dance is a dramatic feature written by Scarlett Bruns and to be directed by Terence H. Winkless.

Seventeen year-old Kealy Charmichael has always danced in the shadow of her younger sister Anna.  When Anna is killed in a tragic accident, Kealy tries to fulfil Anna’s dream of being a professional dancer. The stress of the challenge takes its toll as Kealy wonders if she’ll ever be good enough.  Kealy’s mother can’t bear to watch her dance and the pain of losing Anna drives a wedge in their relationship.  Dance soon becomes an obsession and Kealy could lose everything.  But with the love and support of her friends, she finds the strength to break through her sorrow and reclaim her passion. 


Coincidence By design - CBD

Coincidence by Design is a thriller in development with writer Jefferson Lewis attached.

This is the story of Jack Behan, a successful software designer in his early 30s who desires a love relationship but who has neither the time nor the social skills to establish such a relationship on his own.  He spots a potential love-interest, and desperate to meet her, he procures the services of an agency called Coincidence by Design.  For a lavish fee, the agency finds the woman, acquires in-depth information about her and ultimately arranges a coincidence for Stephen and the woman to meet. Stephen marries the woman and all appears well until he suspects that the agency has gone to unsavory ends to secure his relationship.  As he mounts his own investigation it becomes increasingly evident that neither the agency nor his wife are what or who they claim to be. 


Off Course

Off Course is a suspenseful road movie set in Italy and written by Katrin Bowen. 

Robbi is a disillusioned model, working as a dancer in a sleazy nightclub in Riccione, Italy. When she learns her father back in Canada is gravely ill she decides she has to leave and return home to see him one last time before he dies. Realizing that she can’t break her contract from her odious boss, Gianni, she flees from the club with the help of a flamboyant drag queen named Cory. After missing the bus, Robbi runs into a Mercedes, driven by Franco, a charming older gentleman who mistakes her for a prostitute.  Unable to get a train ticket to Milan, Franco kindly offers her a ride to the airport, which is on his route anyway. Stuck between a rock and hard place, Robbi reluctantly accepts his offer. But she soon learns that she is in trouble when Franco does not take the exit for Milan but instead heads in the opposite direction.