Random Acts of Romance (2012)

Random Acts of Romance is a relationship comedy about intense characters in extreme relationship situations — and the crazy and obsessive behaviors that spring from this thing called love. The story is paced like an emotional roller coaster, punctuated by moments of uncomfortably illuminating hilarity as characters confront situations we all identify with.

DAVID and HOLLY are rich newlyweds who should be in love. But they aren’t. When Holly accidentally runs over BUD, a pot-smoking lesbian, who questions the couple’s passion for each other, she realizes that perhaps her marriage isn’t working. She considers leaving David, but one little thing stops her from doing so: an event so out-of-the-blue, it takes Holly to a place she thought she would never go, and leaves David’s life turned upside down.

Then there’s MATT and DIANNE, the couple who met in college. Dianne was Matt’s teacher. It’s seven years later and Matt hasn’t grown up. His laidback attitude has taken its toll on the fiery and uptight Dianne and she’s tired of supporting him. Arguments are the only form of communication in this marriage, but Matt desperately wants to prove to Dianne that he still loves her. After a stoned conversation with his best friend, BUD, Matt goes all out to win back his wife. His grand romantic gesture is reckless, outlandish, and 100% illegal. However, his antics only push Dianne further away and into the arms of RICHARD.

Meet RICHARD, the heartless, but somehow irresistibly attractive millionaire who lives next door to BUD. His relationships barely last a day and everything is about sex. Richard becomes the object of affection for David’s secretary, LYNNE, a timid girl who likes to stalk. However, Lynne’s stalking does not deter Richard, but actually excites him. Richard finds he’s bitten off more than he can chew when he meets DIANNE, who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. After a wild night together, Richard discovers that he has actually fallen in love. But not with Dianne…with his stalker! However, Lynne doesn’t appreciate it when her victims like her back…

Dianne realizes that she still loves Matt, but it’s too late – Matt has fallen for someone else and Holly must make a choice about how she feels for David. What she doesn’t know is that David has bought a gun. He has no idea how to use it, but intends to get her back no matter what!



  • Amanda Tapping, “Dianne”
  • Zak Santiago, “Matt”
  • Laura Bertram, “Holly”
  • Katharine Isabelle, “Bud”
  • Robert Moloney, “David”
  • Ted Whittall, “Richard”
  • Sonya Bennett, “Lynne”

Director:  Katrin Bowen

IMDB:  Random Acts of Romance (2012)

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